Individual Counseling Services in Madison, WI

Get ready to feel better.

Feelings of stress and overwhelm are with you from dawn until dark.

They weren’t always your constant companions, but lately, they’re keeping you up at night.

Working so hard to maintain an appearance that everything is fine is exhausting.

You’re not sure what scares you more: someone figuring out the truth, or the idea that it will never get better.

You’ve tried to “buckle down” while you wait for things to improve.

They haven’t.

And – if you take an honest look – you know you’re kidding yourself by pretending they will.

Individual counseling sessions can be the catalyst to feeling better.

And you deserve to feel better. Much better.

I specialize in helping people – just like you – struggling with anxiety, depression, career uncertainty, relationship difficulties, and all of life’s inevitable challenges.

Through a highly collaborative approach, I’ll support you while you work to understand what’s changed and how to create a new path forward. A path that feels right and aligns with your values and goals.

I believe the necessary strength already resides within you, waiting to be accessed. It’s OK that you haven’t been able to find it on your own.

I’m here to help.

You’ve been struggling alone too long.

Working together, you can create the life you deserve. The one you can’t wait to live.

Call me today for your free consultation (608) 478-0094.