Couples Counseling

That Lost Sense of Connection

It had been a long time since Mike felt connected to Angela.

It used to be that they couldn’t wait to see each other, and they could talk for hours. Now they spend their evenings in separate corners of the house.

Sure, they could try to have a conversation. But they figure that they’ll probably just wind up yelling at each other—like most nights.

It feels pointless to try. So they don’t.

That Increasing Irritation

Little things that used to roll off his back now irritate him to no end.

The simplest topics seem to lead to tension and fighting.

Each day, the loneliness settles in deeper.

Each night, the space between them feels wider.

Neither of them recognizes the distant couple they’ve become. And it scares them.

Where Love Still Exists

Despite the distance, however, they know (somewhere) love still exists.

But they wonder if there’s any hope of regaining the close and intimate relationship they remember.

There Is Hope

And your decision to visit this page is evidence of it.

Confidential couples counseling can create the space where your relationship can heal and hope can grow.

While many of the challenges couples face are common—communication, kids, finances, sex, in-laws—your relationship is unique.

As your counselor, I will honor that uniqueness and allow it to guide our work.

Leveraging Your Strengths

And even though it might not seem like it today, you also have strengths.

Strengths you forgot you had (or maybe never knew existed).

We’ll draw them out and build supports around them.

When accessed, these inherent strengths will help put things back on solid ground.

A Renewed Relationship

Soon, your relationship will start to resemble the one you’re longing for.

One of trust, intimacy, and deep connection.

Doesn’t that sound like a relationship worth working toward?

One you both not only want, but deserve?

You’re Closer Than You Think

As a couple, you can be stronger than you’ve ever been.

I’ll provide the tools and safe space to put the hurt, resentment, and sadness in the past.

It’s time to heal your relationship. I’m here to help.

Call me (608) 478-0094.